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The Pakistan Journal of Languages and Translation Studies (PJLTS) is a biannual peer-refereed publication of the University of Gujrat, Pakistan, and its Centre for Languages and Translation Studies is dedicated to providing an independent and trans-disciplinary forum for discourse on issues in Translation, Linguistics, and related disciplines. It deals with the rising questions in theoretical and practical translation and their social significance in the enrichment of the national cultures of Pakistan. The trans-disciplinary nature of Translation Studies encourages researchers from fields like Art and History of Translation and its applications in various fields of knowledge and human endeavor, Linguistics, Language Learning, Comparative Literature, Literary History and Theory, Computational Linguistics, Machine Translation and Localization. We welcome research articles, empirical reports, reviews from the authors interested in any of these areas.

Paper Submission and Selection

The PJLTS is interested in the articles on emergent and challenging issues. All submitted papers are acknowledged quickly and reviewed as rapidly as possible. They are initially scrutinized by the Editors who decide whether they meet certain basic standards with respect to, for example, length, presentation, clarity and level of scholarship. Those papers that pass this initial scrutiny are sent out to referees who are carefully selected on the basis of their expertise. Once suitable referees are identified, they are normally asked to reply within a month. We follow blind peer-review system; the papers are reviewed by two researchers, one national and the other international; the reviewers’ identities remain anonymous to the authors. The review process may take up to two months. Manuscripts should be submitted electronically in MS Word format.

Submitting your paper

Please submit a single-sided copy of your paper. Use the following template for formatting your paper. 

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Date of Publications:

- First Issue is published in the month of June.

- Second Issue is published in the month of December.


Pakistan Journal of Languages and Translation Studies

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